Located close to the town of San Lucas Toliman, this farm produces Strictly Hard Bean (SHB +) Atitlán type coffee.

Pampojilá farm was founded and formally registered by Mr. Manuel Diaz and his wife Monica Diaz Barrios in 1850. Since that time they began with the planting and cultivation of coffee. The coffee of this farm was distinguished by its quality since its beginnings. In 1940 it was awarded the Gold Medal by the National Coffee Council of Guatemala, for its high quality.

In 2010 Tropical Storm Agatha caused natural disasters in the area where Finca Pampojilá is located. Following mudslides caused by this natural phenomenon, a considerable area of ​​the farm was destroyed. The farm was worked by the Diaz family until 2012 when it was acquired by Agropecuaria Atitlán.

Agropecuaria Atitlán has a program to renew coffee plantings on 200 hectares, this is underway already, as well as the introduction of improved varieties of coffee and the implementation of technologically advanced and sustainable modern practices and environmental conservation. We began a program of renovation of coffee plantations in 2012. By 2016 the renewal carried out is 60% of the coffee area. Work has been done to implement good agricultural practices and technologically advanced production systems with 40% of the renovated area having a drip irrigation system to ensure moisture at critical times in the formation of the coffee bean.

Finca Pampojilá is a member of the Association of Private Nature Reserves of Guatemala. With this 50% of the farm is committed to remain in its natural state as rainforest. Agropecuaria Atitlán develops a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program focused on supporting the surrounding communities where our collaborators come from. This is focused mainly on areas of health and education.


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