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Agropecuaria Atitlan, an agricultural company dedicated to the production of various sustainable crops, implementing good agricultural and manufacturing practices in the process. We do this in three estates: Finca Panama, Finca Pampojilá and Finca Arizona.

Finca Panama is located in the municipality of Santa Barbara, Suchitepéquez, Guatemala, on the southern slopes of Atitlán volcano. This farm consists of 1500 hectares, an area that goes from 1800 to 5000 feet above sea level. These are the best lands on the slopes of the Atitlán volcano, from which the name of Agropecuaria Atitlán is derived.

Finca Pampojilá is located in San Lucas Toliman at 5000 feet above sea level and consists of 450 hectares of land.

We are members of the Group of Private Nature Reserves, the lands are legally protected in environmental and conservation issues, in which it is possible to observe native birds and mammals in freedom.

The impact of our production activities has outreached the neighboring communities through the implementation of programs of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in development areas: educational, social, organizational, environmental and human rights.


Agropecuaria Atitlán, firmly committed to environmental and social policies, complies with Good Agricultural and Environmental Practices, specially in regards to the innocuity of crops, as well as fair treatment and good working conditions for our employees.

As part of the company’s management strategy, we recognize that Rainforest Alliance certification is an important component in the strategy and practices of sustainable management of our plantations. As a result, Agropecuaria Atitlán, S.A. publicly commits itself to complying with the Forest Stewardship Council™ principles and criteria in all productive activities in Rubber crops, as well as with its contractors and collaborators, inside and outside the management area. As well as in the management units Finca Panama, Finca Arizona and Finca Pampojilá.

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Finca Panama was established in 1936 by Mr. Owen Smith, who worked it for the next 50 years. His effort was characterized by introducing new crops and agricultural activities in Guatemala, including crops of Rubber, Quinine and Macadamia Nuts. It was acquired by Agropecuaria Atitlán S.A. in 1985. (more…)

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Located close to the town of San Lucas Toliman, this farm produces Strictly Hard Bean (SHB +) Atitlán type coffee.

Pampojilá farm was founded and formally registered by Mr. Manuel Diaz and his wife Monica Diaz Barrios in 1850. Since that time they began with the planting and cultivation of coffee. (more…)

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Located in Patulul, Suchitepéquez, this farm is dedicated to the exploitation of natural rubber. Its location makes the production of rubber with the best quality due to its optimal conditions, reaching the projected crops every year. Since 2012 we have increased the extension of our plantation reaching 100 ha in 2015.

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Private Reserve and Finca Pampojilá Private Reserve that form part of the Private Natural Reserves group known as “NODO Atitlán” (coalition of several departments in the same region) and the support of Private Natural Reserves Association of Guatemala, strengthen the continuity of the...

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There have been several studies and research about agroforestry systems where productive activities (agriculture, livestock) are combined with forest conservation activities. Agroforestry systems in the world are excellent examples of sustainable...

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As part of the commitment with its collaborators and neighboring communities, AgroAtitlan implements a strong Corporate Social Responsibility program seeking the wellbeing of the communities through promoting, supporting and encouraging the following programs: Education, Social Organizational Development, Protecting the Environment, and respect for Human Rights. The ultimate purpose of each program is to motivate community self-management, organization of the community and multidisciplinary support. Our commitment with society has expanded to the productive units in the adjacent communities, such as the case of Pampojilá where our experience is with 85% Maya Kaqchiquel population.

  • Inauguration of bamboo made classrooms for high-school in each cooperative
  • Donation of desks for Santa Adelaida elementary school
  • Early Stimulation Center for children
  • Donation of materials for lighting in public square in San Lucas Tolimán
  • Donation of land for a playground

Centro de Estimulación Temprana

Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Santa Adelaida

Centro Comunitario de Diversificado El Esfurezo


Diagonal 6 10-01 Torre II Oficina 10-02B, Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas, Central America, Guatemala City 0110
Phones +502 2331 6993 / +502 2331 6994


AgroAtitlan uses resources efficiently by growing quality products and respecting the environment, as well as being responsible for the development of all in a sustainable manner.


Be the leaders in competitive agricultural products based on principles and values.